Mike Souheil Aloe Vera Remedy Remembered as plant of immortality, aloe vera remained a home remedy for decades. Ancient literature traced back to 6000 years contains many writing about aloe. Across the world people of every region and globe are familiar to multiple uses of aloe vera. Aloe vera is labeled as “sign of good hope” in African regions. Aloe vera plant can survive in harsh and unsuitable climate because of property of its leaves to store extra amount of water.

Aloe vera natural remedy has been used for skin diseases and burns. People have used aloe for skin infections and for many internal cures. Aloe has been in use since decades, people of Nigeria believe in folk tales about aloe vera that it is as cure to constipation. Scientist got some interest and after conducting research about aloe proved folk story true.

Aloe nomenclature is linked to lily family of plants; the word aloe is from Arabic alloeh. The plant today is a center of focus for research in dermatology and various other domains. Skin irritation & skin disorders can be cured using aloe vera. People apply aloe gel for curing skin infections and diseases.

Aloe vera natural remedy for burns: People use aloe to treat burns; according to research aloe when compared with commercial cream that has been used for burn treatment has lower healing effect than aloe. Aloe vera natural remedy contains glycoprotein that has anti-inflammatory properties. An international journal “Surgeon Today” in a study found aloe to cure 15% quicker than hydrocortisone cream.

Aloe vera natural remedy for insect bite: It is natural remedy for insect bite. Aloe vera takes out sting or itch of insect bite. People use aloe for cuts, and for treating acne.

Aloe vera natural remedy for digestive system diseases: Aloe contains “anthraquinones” that removes toxin, aloe removes colon from digestive tract. It is a cure to constipation.

Aloe vera natural remedy for skin brightening: Aloe replaces commercial creams and lotions it can brighten skin, by penetrating deep into skin layers aloe is skin healer and brightener.

Aloe vera natural remedy for hair loss: People use aloe to increase growth of hair by massaging aloe with suitable liquid for hair.

Aloe vera natural remedy for asthma: People use aloe to cure asthma, just boil aloe leaves in pan of water, inhale steam like we normally take steam.

Aloe vera natural remedy for blood sugar regulation: Scientist found aloe to be effective natural cure in regulating blood sugar, aloe is proved to be cure against level-2 diabetes. Beta Sitosterol is found in aloe that reduces cholesterol level.

Aloe vera natural remedy for healthy oral system: Aloe strengthens gums, it can be taken along with tooth paste to make teethes healthy.

Aloe vera natural remedy for cardiovascular health: Aloe improves oxygen transportation, reducing the risk of heart attack.

Aloe vera natural remedy for immune system: Aloe boost immune system, aloe contains “anthraquinones” that stops bacterial growth.

Aloe vera natural remedy, can be easily planted in your garden, this home remedy can be used easily just cut leaf from base and squeeze gel out by making horizontal cut. This gel can be directly applied on burns and cuts.

Aloe Vera leaves have hydrating instinct. Many commercial creams, lotions have certain concentration of aloe vera. Shampoos proudly display the presence of aloe in them. Aloe reduces dandruff.

Eczemas is a skin disorder that can be cured using aloe vera. A blessing that does not need description is present in nature, around you. Nature has made it to survive in various climates. Blessing is instinct in the ability of its leaves to store water. Water is a universal solvent that has made aloe to be a cure against many medicinal issues.

Aloe is more than a house plant, a readymade first aid, easily available at lower rates. Aloe vera has variety of products available aloe juices, aloe latex, aloe gel all are variety products aloe have. Aloe vera needs to be used under proper prescription. Aloe should not be taken during pregnancy. Aloe is not prescribed for people who are allergic to onion. Aloe dosage needs care and precautions. Aloe vera like other herbal medicine and plants should be used with care.