Parasite in city Game Review by mike souheil

Hi friends! My Name is Mike Souheil. Today I want to share my experience about the “Parasite in City”. The developers of PIXEL FACTORY make a good effort to develop this game but feel more like a demo or incomplete! As it is their first game, I really hope to have an even better next time. They have a huge potential to create the best side scrolling H-game.
Here are my complains about the game:
1. To short for full game (less than 1 hour)(he could easily add more stage with combined enemies)
2. Story is so short and simple (he could easily make a better story with only text and couple of more pictures)

  1. All enemies except the last boss and fly have only 1 rape animation
    4. No music (damage the atmosphere)
    5. Only fly have pregnancy feature
    6. Lack variety for full game and replay ability (only 3 stage 1 pistol and 1 outfit)
    What i did like:
    1. Good quality
    2. Nice game-play (there is smooth game-play and challenge!)
    3. Hot character and animations
    4. Pregnancy
    5. Virus/Zombie theme

    Over all a good game my score is 7/10
    in my eyes in over all rank, its like this:
    1. Hounds of blade
    2. Space escape
    3. Parasite in City

    The third stage is difficult. Still, I’m having a lot of fun with this. Sexiest zombie apocalypse ever. Here are some tips for the 3rd stage:-

Just run your way all over the first screen

  1. Waste all bullets on the zombies in the right
  2. Ignore zombies on the left

On 2’nd screen

  1. Watch out for the bug
  2. You can either shoot on eye level/stomp it when in the ground
  3. I think waste bullet is the idea
  4. Reach last stage no matter what
  5. Then if you die you can start on the Boss Area again

After Winning, there is Unlimited Bullet option on the stage select screen

Hope you will enjoy this game.
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